Guided by a commitment to community service, BruCrew seeks to provide Shenandoah Valley residents with a capable, responsible, and hardworking student-led workforce

5 Things You'll Love About BruCrew

  1. BruCrew is flexible! Need 2 hours of gutter cleaning and window washing before an event? Weekly mowing while on vacation? A quote to weed, edge, and mulch the beds around your home? Or perhaps you just want to get to know a BruCrew worker and have them come weekly to tackle the weeding and garden work that seems to take over. You are welcome to join the many happy clients who do just that.
  2. BruCrew is more than hired labor! We want to get to know you while providing quality work. BruCrew workers are dedicated to building relationships and engaging with their community.
  3. BruCrew keeps environmental impact small! BruCrew does not own large trucks or trailers. This comes from our desire to keep costs low for both you and BruCrew workers while also providing the opportunity to bike to projects when possible.
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  5. BruCrew fills a niche!We are a team of hard working college students who provide quality work at a fair price. For homeowners, there are lots of odd jobs and to-do lists that need to be tackled. You may not need a professional landscape crew (who likely will not be able to do everything small on your list), but we're more than your 12 year old neighbor looking for summer yards to mow. BruCrew offers you quality and thorough work at reasonable rates, and the flexibility to get many projects done within a single visit.

5. BruCrew is an investment in community! Think of us as your community supported work force. We see our work as an excellent platform to educate and be educated, to build connections, to work hard, and to help pay for our schooling and costs of living in the wonderful Shenandoah Valley. Thanks for being a part of this adventure.

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New Clients

BruCrew is a platform to connect clients like you to hardworking students in the Harrisoburg area to tackle all your odd projects. When you hire through BruCrew, you're getting quality work at affordable rates, and you're probably also helping a local student pay for tuition and living expenses. We hope you enjoy the relationships you build with our worker partners.

Returning Clients

   BruCrew has probably changed a bit since you last visited. This new website serves as a platform for connecting you to the same student workers you've relied on in past years, just under a slightly different format.

   Instead of going through a central manager, you'll have the opportunity to post jobs you'd like done, and workers will contact you to take the work. You can also find and select workers directly.

   This new website gives you a dashbar that shows you hours worked, expenses incurred by workers, payment history, as well as easy invoicing.

   Click the button below to create an account and get started!