Picture BruCrew’s journey to becoming a business began when Everett Brubaker, a Social Sustainability major at Eastern Mennonite University, began picking up odd jobs during his gap year (2011) between high school and college. More and more calls began coming in: for babysitting, weeding, painting, shuttle service, mulching, window washing, and more. That first summer, BruCrew existed only as an informal summer pastime, but, with continued calls and requests, Everett saw an opportunity for something more. So upon beginning studies at EMU, Everett took a Principles of Management course and then applied his knowledge the following summer 2012 to officially build BruCrew as a small property care/odd jobs business.

After graduating from Eastern Mennonite University in 2015, Everett sold the business to current EMU student, Jordan Leaman. BruCrew continued to grow under Jordan's management, expanding to offer more technical services such as painting, carbon neutral mowing, and more, while offering full and part time summer employment to many workers in the EMU and surrounding community.

Picture After two years managing BruCrew and months of searching for someone to take the reins with no luck, Jordan made a difficult, but intentional decision to restructure the business. BruCrew will open in the Spring of 2017 as a web portal to connect community members with capable, hardworking students who can perform a wide variety of odd jobs at reasonable rates. The hiring of help will be conducted directly between the prospective client and the worker, with BruCrew serving only as a medium to connect the two parties and ensure accountability and quality work through reviews of workers. Jordan will be graduating from EMU in May of 2017, but will remain onboard as the web manager of the newly structured BruCrew and serve as a mediator between workers and clients.